Kobe (addendum)

Did I mention that Kobe is the hometown of my favouritest Japanese actress? Okay maybe it isn’t really, since Wiki says she’s from Kakogawa, Hyogo-ken. I could’ve sworn she said she was from Kobe in an interview though.. Anyhow! Presenting —

Ueno Juri



Looking beautifully contemplative

Ueno Juri (上野 樹里)! She’s well-known for playing the titular character in Nodame Cantabile, which is a great manga by the way, and Ruka Hashimoto in Last Friends (which in hindsight, was way too melodramatic). She’s also well-known for being too gorgeous for words, and cute, and funny, and everything awesome. You can read up on her via her Wikipedia page, and if you understand Japanese, her official website. Even though the drink(s) that she advertises may not be as tasty as she looks, she’ll forever have my support! \o/